Group of companies owned by the Infeld family. It combines the value of renewable energy generation, the petrochemical industry, waste recycling, and energy revaluation with real estate assets.

"Our companies generate value in several industries contributing to U.N. sustainable development goals, taking care of our environment, collaborators, and associates.“

Miguel and Marcos Infeld Founders AXXA.


AXXA Corp began its activities in 1997 through Recycling Instruments; today, AXXA Recycling is one of the first companies to specialize in processing waste based on clean, non-polluting technologies.

Since then, the company has sustained continuous growth through vertical integration in highly complementary businesses and incorporating state-of-the-art technology, machinery and processes. This growth has allowed it to expand its product line to various industrial solvents and gain a leadership position in refining petroleum derivatives and recycling waste, all in its facilities and following the highest quality standards and regulations.

Thanks to an ambitious expansion plan developed between 2008 and 2010, the total capacity of the companies quadrupled in two years. Additionally, the real estate assets that the owners of AXXA Corp own in industrial sectors have put the group in a very advantageous position to develop various complementary business units, which industries expect to continue having a high future growth.

In 2020 the group expanded again, incorporating a new sector: renewable energies. AXXA Energía develops for the construction of clean electricity generation parks. Such as AXXA Recycling, these areas of ​​development contribute to taking global action down the path of sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Corporate offices of the Axxa group of companies in Santiago de Chile